Monday, October 1, 2012

Park Jung Min restraints himself when he is 'Romeo'

I could just imagine how hard it is for him to control himself not being the usual Jung Min who is playful and funny. ^^ I remember once he was also interviewed during SS501 days and he also mentioned that his true self is the one with cheerful personality. Jung Min-ah, I'd rather have a cheerful Mal than a serious Romeo. ㅋㅋㅋ But I still support you now that you are promoting your new album as Romeo. ^^


SS501 Park Jung Min “When I am doing activities as ROMEO, I felt restraint occasionally” [30.09.12]

Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=1953038
Chinese Translation: SOS @ 百度朴政珉吧ALLFORPJM.COM
English Translation: RoyalPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
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SS501 Park Jung Min rebirth as ROMEO in Japan, he frankly said “When I am doing activities as ROMEO, to hide my original image, I felt restraint occasionally.”

On 29th September, Park Jung Min held a Live ‘ROMEO 2ND CONTACT’ for 777 fans in Tokyo’s Ebisu Live House Liquid Room. That day, Park Jung Min did not spoke any words, he stayed mysterious and sexily, performing for the fans which captured their hearts.

A unique ‘dark’ concept was used for the live performance. During the interview with the reporters on the day of performance, Park Jung Min expressed that “In Japan, I do activities under the name of ROMEO. The attitude presented on the stage is indeed ROMEO. The original Park Jung Min does not exist on the stage.”

He smiled and continued “When I went up the stage, the so-called Park Jung Min feeling is completely switched off. Instead, when I came down from the stage, I’ll turn back to my original self like now, the chattering and cheerful personality.”

During the Live, to express the man’s heart which was injured by love, you must look as if you want to be compensated in general, and show a painful expression and gesture. This is once again proven his strength after musical ‘Grease’.

He added “The fans in Japan saw the differences between Jung Min and ROMEO. When I am performing earnestly on the stage, the fans at the front row did some strange facial expression and fidgeted. When I faced with that situation, it was very hard for me to hold back my laughter.”


  1. jung min always good even serious or playful..still my SS501 jung min ever

  2. my goodness!!! I can't stand his new image to be honest...especially when i saw the english lyrics translation of one of his songs "Tonight's the Night"!!! My friends are already teasing me about the meaning of that song!!!! But, anyways, Congratulations to the success of this event of him!!!!


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