Monday, October 1, 2012

Park Jung Min speaks about Kim Kyu Jong and SS501's reunion

Jung Min said before that he is the strong one among the SS501 members. Finally, he speaks about his fellow SS501 member Kyu Jong and regarding about their reunion. Huge thanks to the translators of this article. Really means a lot to us. I hope when that time comes, I'm gonna be there to witness their comeback.


photo credits: naver.com

Park Jung Min said "Received SMS from KyuJong, felt special." As for SS501 activities, maybe after KyuJong enlist.

"When I received KyuJong's letter in the morning, my feelings changed."

Park Jung Min who came back as 'ROMEO' in Japan disclosed the small conversation (thru SMS) that he had with KyuJong, who is currently serving the country, recently.

On the 29th of September, after Park Jung Min finished his "ROMEO CONTACT" in LIVE HOLE IN"Liquid Room in Tokyo, he chatted with the reporter, smiling, and said "Not long ago KyuJong sent a SMS to him at 8am in the morning. And I quickly replied him "What are you doing now?' , then after work, I received 'Still working,' as a reply.", "this situation felt really special'.

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong was recruited to the army on the 23rd of July, and after four weeks of training at the Jeonju recruit training center, he's now doing public duty. Regarding JungMin's own plan on enlistment, he said "Now I have plans in Korea as well as overseas," , "So maybe I'll go after all these plans."

Regarding on the topic of whether SS501 can reunite, he said "As we are not disbanded yet, so we always have the feeling of want to reunite for a comeback again." He continued, "Before KyuJong enlist, he met all members once, but because he's now in the army, and due to the members' conflicting schedules, its quite difficult for us to make a comeback together for now," and he carefully made his statement.

Credit: sports.hankooki.com

Korean to Chinese trans:  redcat111 @ 金圭钟中文网www.kimkyujong.com.cn
Chinese to English trans: Bizhen @ DS501fanpage

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  1. i feel sad n happy cause jung min rarely talk about members recently...he must miss them a lot now..so sad cause all of them look happy but lonely inside without the members...be happy jung min..SS501 always the best ever


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