Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Official Photos of Kim Hyung Jun during Interview with MyDaily: "SS501 is not disbanded... will be back someday"

I really hope that someone can translate the whole article. ^^ It would be a great thing for every Triple S who is eager to know what he said. ^^ I trust your word Maknae Hyung Jun. Thank you for once again assuring us all that SS501 will soon get back together in one stage. 고마워 김형준씨~ I know it may not be now, but someday you will. And Triple S will be patiently waiting for that special day. We promise to be there to cheer you again and will probably be touched once you all say "안녕하세요~ 더블에스오공일입니다!!"

*Update: I'm gonna insert here a cut of translation so you will have an idea what he said.  


Hyung jun said in interview "we talk about activity of ss501 each other.we always mention about that in each other s interview.but we are man.so we ll start activity of ss501 when all member discharged the army. And we often met each othere. We haven t said 'disband a team.' We don t care people believe or not. Cuz we ll show that later. And we always think about that goal(activity of ss501). We ll must activity of ss501 without omission"

Hyung jun "I do lots of exercise,  last time I was 52kg, now im 70kg. Lose abt 5, 6kg to release album".

Also talked abt their role model is Shinhwa, they also hv such thought after seeing the fun Shinhwa had on variety programmes.


Kim HyungJun also said in the interview that he cried alot when his dog Sarang died.He went out drinking with friends and all he did was cry 

credits: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201309031027521110&ext=na + http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201309031027491111&ext=na

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