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SS501 Maknae Hyung Jun envious of Leader Hyun Joong

Our Maknae might be thinking before that he would not be able to have an offer for acting. But now, look at him... he got in for musical 'Cafe In' and he even starred for the mini drama 'Black City'. Well done Maknae. ^^


Hyung Jun – Love, Future, Dream

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010122107470050343
Translation by: ode@SS501ode.blogspot.com

Having debuted in 2006 as the rival alongside DBSG, SS501 has now stood up in solo paths. Due to the expiry of their contract, SS501 was dispersed here and there, and is now striving for each’s individual activities. Amidst which, Kim Hyung Jun is striving not just as a singer but also as an actor wherein he attends many acting lessons for the sake of acting. He may still be a rookie in acting, but his passion actually does not make him envious of veteran actors as much as his heart holds that one desire. He who is displaying some acting skills in the musical [Cafein] recently has met up with us in Shinsadong’s fine dining restaurant Elbon as we drank to wines. We heard honest talks from Kim Hyung Jun about his future, dream and, love. 

#Kim Hyun Joong starred in [Boys over Flowers] made me envious.
Kim Hyung Jun who dreams of being an actor was actually envious of SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong. Reason it being Kim Hyun Joong is SS501′s representative icon and had also starred in [Boys over Flowers] and [Playful Kiss] where he’s already laid down his actor status.

“To be honest, when Hyun Joong hyung starred in [Boys over Flowers] back then I was already envious. I wanted to do acting too. However the chance didn’t come. And I didn’t know that it probably was why it made me yearn to do acting even more. Perhaps it began since then. I work hard to show my side as a true status-ed actor”.
The road Kim Hyung Jun has to walk ahead is still far. Through musical [Cafein], he’s already let known about his first involvement as an actor. Reactions from the audiences wasn’t bad, in fact. Even if you were to credit this to be the passionate responses coming from his fans, the age range of these theatre-filling audiences was very much wide.

“There were many couples who came to watch. Of course people from 10s to 40s generation was present too. Seems like many people are on the rise to taking a liking in my still-raw acting ne. For me too, I’ve gained much strength from the audiences’ support and is doing all my best right now”.

The witty him who usually loves to joke around stars across as the role of a braggy sommelier in [Cafein]. Kim Hyung Jun finds that his acting somewhat improves than rehearsals whenever he comes to stand on the stage of [Cafein]. Somewhat devious and stuck-up acting is ‘the best’. To him, it does not seem like the [Acting Awards] is far from his reach.

#Solo Striving? Very much burdened.

With regards to SS501′s expiry of contract, it was actually something much earlier than what most people know about. However, SS501 members are only carrying out their solo activities only like year-end now since their former agency’s CEO was fighting his illness back then and wasn’t aware of their decisions. However, all of SS501′s thoughts was not able to be alike (to be together). Eventually, it turned out to be that members chose to locate new agencies to support their each’s individual activities. For him, he chose S-Plus Entertainment where Kang Ji-hwan is a part of.

“For the sake of our individual activities, we moved agencies. When I moved agency I was very worried, I’ve gotta adapt, and also deal with more improved singing and acting skills isn’t it. Even if I may do acting I’ll still definitely do singing. At first when I moved agency, I was very burdened if I could succeed or not, if I could gain recognition from fans as Kim Hyung Jun or not, and it’s true that all of these became my worries. All feedbacks are given to me by fans — I really think of it this manner”.

He also stated that he felt sad that people thought he won’t be continuing with SS501 anymore. He felt awkward, disappointed and sad that he wouldn’t be able to see people like Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong every day whom he had lived together with, but still, he’s now already adapted to a certain degree.
#Marriage at 29 years old, Will not exceed 30 years old.
To Kim Hyung Jun, marriage is just like a mssion. He intends to get married at 29 years old as he wants to get married faster. Of course too, he thinks that once a suitable person appears, he will also be able to get married much earlier. His view is that marriage will be of a positive influence to his showbiz activities as well.

We asked the warmingly nice and well-mannered him how many girlfriends has he had dated before? To which he confessed he’s met about 3 girlfriends up until now.

For now, sad it may be, he does not have a girlfriend. He’s determined to be more developed in area of acting rather than locating for a girlfriend in the next 1~2 years. In order for him to hear ‘Kim Hyung Jun has succeeded’ instead of as a part of SS501, it will be that love for him will be delayed for the moment. His ideal type is that of a straight-forward and comfortable style. Of course if she’s pretty it will be best.

#2011 February Solo Album release… “Singing goes on”

Besides standing on stage for appearance in [Cafein], Kim Hyung Jun spends remaining of his time for his album recording. His mini album is in midst of preparation and is targeted for release in February next year. The musical persona will not be too different from SS501′s existent musical tendency as well. However he’s hinted that it will be an album filled with abundancy of his unique charm.

“Am now in the stage of song receiving. For songs already decided, I’m in midst of practising and recording for it, and is kinda purplexing over them with my staff. I’m working hard in aiming to hear that I’ve succeeded well on my own feet. For me, I like dance and since I like SS501′s music, it will not be too overly different from the already existent music that we have”.

We hope that the year of 2011 will become a successful year for Kim Hyung Jun not as a singer but also as an actor.

“I will become a good singer and natural actor. Though I’m in musical [Cafein] for this year, I’m wanting to try out official acting next year. Hopefully a somewhat comical and yet emotional-impactful character. The day where my name appears in the movie credits won’t be too far off. I’ll develop into a good actor so please show me much adore and love”.

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