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Hyung Jun says his character is the same with role he is playing in 'Cafe In'

Cheerful Maknae? Yep, I would have to agree on that. He really brings up the mood and tends to funny in the things that he do. ^^


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun debuted in a musical with ‘Café In’ “Was startled by my own brazenness inside” [15.12.10]

News: Naver
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

“I didn’t know I have such brazenness hidden within me (laughs)”

Debuting via ‘Café In’ (Baekham Arts Hall), Group SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun was in a good mood during the interview. He agrees that his character is very similar to the ‘Ji Min’ in the story plot who is “also born naturally with a cheerful deposition.”

He is just like a bright untainted youth. For instance when he said, “When singing song could only stand on stage for 3 minutes but for musical, you can breathe in the same air and enjoy  1.5 hour with the audience so it feels very good.”

Although this is his musical debut, acting is considered to be proficient. He has to digest 2 roles at the same time as Café Barista Sae Jin’s (Sin Eui Jeong / Wo Geum Ji) partner, Sommelier ‘Ji Min’ and the gentleman ‘Jeong Min’. While acting as Ji Min, would differentiate by wearing rabbit teeth and glasses. Voices at this point would also be of a higher tone and behavior would also be more exaggerated.

“The first time round was very scary and nerve wrecking. Wondering if I could do well, although I was very worried, but once I stood on stage, I eventually adapted to it subconsciously. I have such hidden ability. Now, on the contrary, I often hear people telling me not to over-do it and so forth. (laughs)”

Of course, there has not been without mistakes. This can be considered as his worst mistake. Happened just a few days after the opening performance. When Jeong Min was to be transformed into Ji Min, he has forgotten to bring his glasses and rabbit teeth along on stage. “Suddenly the audiences’ expression did not look good. Gasping, and realising the mistake, ‘Oh, Wait a moment~’ I improvised and return to backstage to wear (my props) properly”. He demonstrated his ability to improvise and regain his confidence promptly.

What are your thoughts about being a member of a popular group challenging a new arena?

1, 2 years after debuting in 2005, was really excited. I thought everything seems to be going well…, I didn’t understand the harshness of the cold reality. Have already got rid of such delusions and have not experience them for a long time.

Born as an Idol so had to work extremely hard to achieve the status of new actor to perform in ‘Café In’. Have to greet everyone pleasantly, and also accept the guidance from the seniors with a thankful heart. Now he has become the “mood maker” in the dressing room, showing affection for people around him.

A few days ago his SS501 close colleague Park Jung Min came and showed his support. Park Jung Min has performed in ‘Grease’ last year, hence making him the musical senior. “He is always telling me that if I have any doubts I can bring it up to him and to treat him as a senior.” But “I have nothing I want to learn” (laughs). Although there was no questions for him, Park Jung Min still did not forget to show his warm encouragement by saying “I witnessed Kim Hyung Jun’s new look”. He also posted in his fan café that ‘in SS501 was totally unaware of it, but now was able to see a new side to Kim Hyung Jun’s charm”, hence he feels really happy.

Thoughts of the drama that you would like to challenge next year. “Leading role or supporting role it does not matter.  It is good as long as the actor’s image has ‘Character’.”

Before his performances for ‘Café In’ ends in January, there are already plans for his solo album to be released in February. Being positive in everything he does, the future looks bright for ambitious youth Kim Hyung Jun.

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