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SS501 Maknae Hyung Jun misses being an Idol

Aawww... that is so touching.. I also miss you guys being together. You might be often bullied by your hyungs, but I know deep inside, you miss being with them and having fun.


Kim Hyung Jun “Choosing a difficult musical, I miss being an idol.” [17.12.10]

Source: news nate
Korean-English Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com

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After SS501 Kim Hyung Jun (23) transferred to the agency, he took up the challenge of a musical. After debuting in 2005 and despite being a singer for about 6 years, he became a newcomer in terms of musical stage. The idol has stretched himself to face up to the challenges of the musical. The reason for Kim Hyung Jun’s eye catching performance despite no experience in acting is because his double role in ‘Cafe-in’ Musical.

During the times of SS501 activities, because of his title as “Maknae”, the young impression given to Kim Hyung Jun then made his mature image even more prominent now. Becoming more talkative, his gestures are also bigger now. Due to the musical, “Became a solo member before the rest because of having the desire for acting and thus accepting the musical. Due to two months of practice before standing on the stage, and because of this, the thought ‘I want to work hard for this’ overwhelmed me. I was touched to be able to withstand everything well. “

Grasping the script and memorising it takes about a little more than a month. One-third of the 60-70 pages of script for Kim Hyung Jun includes singing, resulting increasing stress on him. Besides, the double-role also caused confusion. Kim Hyung Jun revealed out that “I’ve chosen the difficult path”. From recently until now, confusion arises occasionally because of the double-role. But now, I seemed to be gradually getting how I should do it. During the performance I can slowly go into it and I can see the differences now.”

Together in SS501′s activities, Park Jung Min went to watch Kim Hyung Jun’s performance and gave him a cold assessment. Kim Hyung Jun said, “Park Jung Min said that ” if I’m shrivelled (with the preformance) at first, I became greatly surprised and impressed as days go by and be immersed by it.” I conclude that he seems to like it. “

It is difficult for fanciful idol singers and musicals to establish a position due to inexperience. “Idol singers receives unconditional support from the fans. They are unaware of the realities of the world that can spring up on them. But now, the audience present their direct responses base on what they’ve seen. There is no more ‘shield’. (Smiles) Despite also working for the smiles of the fans, but through the musical I think great opportunities can be gained. I don’t know about others but personally this is the appeal of it.”

Kim Hyung Jun said, “Sometimes (Idols) want to go back to before.” Before the audience come to watch, anticipation such as [i]“How many people will be here today” , [i]“If it’s a SS501 activity, will more fans want to come. During the time of the 5 of us, there are thousands of fans. Now the fans have been decreased to about hundreds.”, “Will the hall be tightly packed” “Will there be many support and cheers”. I will feel sorriness and loneliness. But I have to adapt to it. Otherwise I won’t be able to do anything. “

In the past, he shouted out “geun-ja-kam” (Acronym for Having No Self-confidence), now the new meaning of “geun-ja-kam” transformed into “Having Self-confidence”. Through the musical, a larger and wider fanbase was gained. Kim Hyung Jun’s image as a “Ya-mang-dol (Idol with ambition)” can been seen. Next year as a solo member, He has an eye for appearing with a SS501 group album and a drama. While being busy, he does not want to have a late marriage.

“I have in mind towards a stable family. I will search to death the person I want to be with. I want about 4 children. 3 sons and 1 daughter? (Smiles) “

While being outside and busy with the musical performance, Kim Hyung Jun continue to keep his 2:00AM SBS Power FM “Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High” DJ position. Nurses noonas etc clung on tightly to Kim Hyung Jun’s chattiness, “Ambitious people find it interesting. It’s a small world.” , ” Thought it’s a little early to have the heart to go, this seems to be forgotten shortly. Now I want to protect this position firmly.”, such self-confidence were expressed.

” ‘Idol succeeds at everything’ this is definitely not true. There are serious skills involved. In a year each, I wish to progress with a SS501 group album and concert. Big dreams like becoming a well-known producer-name. Together with younger brother Kibum (U-Kiss) and having a huge sense of responsibility towards him, I think I can do much better.”
Named on his own as “Year 2011′s Rising Star” Kim Hyung Jun. In future, he will offer a diversed spectrum of colours. Do anticipate.

*Note: Koreans are very fond of acronyms.
‘근자감geun-ja-kam’ is an acronym of 근거 없는 자신감 (Having no self-confidence)
But it can also be an acronym of 근거 있는 자신감 (Having self-confidence)
Acronyms are very common aspects of Korean language.
Just an interesting side info. ^^

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