Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Park Jung Min hugged a crying fan

That was so sweet of him. He comforted and hugged her, and even said 'Fighting!' I laughed when he answered to the fans calling him. kekekeke. 'Yea. I am here!' ^^ That is so Jung Min.♥

credit: PJM IFC + I-cable.com + yyy148b@YT

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Korean group SS501 Park JungMin started his solo activity in Japan, other than 4 sessions of fan meeting in Tokyo and Osaka, he has also released his personal photobook.

On this day, Park JungMin held his photobook autograph event, [can't figure out the next sentence]. He knew that his fans have been waited anxiously, so instead he spoke to all through interview [not very sure of this sentence, haha, sorry for my half bucket cantonese]

From 0:25
JM: Hi everybody
JM: I am JungMin
Fans: JungMin
JM: Yes
Fans scream!!!!
JM: I am here!

Park JungMin really care a lot of his fans. During the autograph event, there's a fan started to cry when seeing him, JungMin immediately gave her a love hug.

From 0:44
[Fan cried when seeing him]
JM: I will feel sad if you are like this
JM: Don't cry
Give a hug to her [MiniUFO: Next time everybody will start to cry once seeing him... Kekeke....]
JM: Buck up! Fighting!
JM: Fighting!

As a stylist man, when taking photograph for his photobook, he show his sexiness, bare his top body and lie on the bed to pose. JungMin said he hope all female will wish to hug him after reading the photobok. However, these words made him burst into laughter after he spoken finished.

From 1:12
JM: This photobook will enable me to be
JM: A man whom everybody most wanted to be hug
JM: Hope that every ladies after buying it
JM: Will hug with me
JM: I will hug you until.....
JM: your rib bones are broken
JM: Thank you

Park JungMin says after going on diet, he had reduce 20kg, he has also constantly do facial to maintain his skin condition. He want fans from Hong Kong to wait for him to appear under the best condition.

From 1:45
JM: Fans from Hong Kong, nice to meet you
JM: I will go to Hong Kong soon, please keep in anticipation
JM: [Speak in mandarin] Hong Kong jian (see you in Hong Kong)

Park JungMin is really the model expert for going after girls, so handsome, know how to do facial and has good body build, and even know how to make fans happy.

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