Sunday, December 26, 2010

Heo Young Saeng made a mistake during Fanmeeting?

I think he was referring the time when he performed 'Love Song' and the silver costume he was wearing had some problems. We all watched that, right? Well that's okay Young Saeng-sshi, we all loved the performance despite of the unavoidable mistakes during that time. Now that I have mention it, I'm so excited to see him this coming Feb. ^^


Heo Young Saeng Talked About Mistake During Fanmeeting in Seoul  
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It just reminds me of the 1st FM in Korea. I performed a dance of another singer, suddenly the special costume was torn apart

So I was so embarrassed, thinking What should I do? Should I stop?……No, I must go on as a professional. I changed the mistake, although it wasn’t mine, into a more fascinating performance….as a professional


Q: Did fans notice the mistake?
A: Yes, all the fans saw it. They felt sorry and worried, but saw me trying my best till the end, attracted to me again, and screamed more loudly


Q. How you start playing baseball with the baseball team?
A: A friend of mine, very close, older than me, is playing baseball. He asked Do you like baseball? Yes, I do! So I joined the team

- about album and others in next year

Q. About album and others in next year
A: Kyu said YS’s preparing for a great solo album and also has a special plan to show up as an actor


Q. About twitter, are they answering twitter with fans?
A: Yes, I saw the mentions from fans. But written in English…..for those I can understand, I read them, H-mmmm……for those I can’t understand, I just pass

Q. About practicing speak Thai language
A: We know we have to practice hard, but to be honest, we just learned a few words before shooting. We appreciate your compliment on our pronunciation. We’re gonna study hard


Q. The last question, greeting our King
A: For celebration of the King’s birthday, we are wearing this bracelet to honor him. Celebrating with all our heart, we wish him healthy for all ages. We will pray for his health

P.S. Behind the scene, the recording microphone is wireless microphone and clipping on his shirt but the one in YS hand is fake and YS always play with it.

credits: myhelloasian@yt

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