Thursday, December 16, 2010

Park Jung Min sings in Melon Music Awards

Mal is looking good. I missed listening to his voice singing live. ^^ But wait, Mal, do you remember IU? She was the one you 5 boys were talking about during your guesting in ShimShimTapa. ^^ I wonder what he told her when they first met each other? kekeke ^^


In 2010 Melon Music Award, SS501 Park Jung Min became IU’s 5th partner she duet with.

During the 2010 Melon Music Award which was held at Kyung Hee University Peace Center Hall in Seoul on the 15, IU received award for the song ‘Good Day’ and ‘Nagging’ which she duet with 2AM Seulong.

But IU’s song partner for ‘Nagging’ became Park Jung Min today. Park Jung Min’s used his beautiful voice and perfectly finish singing ‘Nagging’ with IU, receiving cheers from the audience.

IU was placed 1st whom singers and producer wants to work with, and Park Jung Min became her 5th partner to sing ‘Nagging’

-Omitted about IU’s previous duet partner and new album release-

credits: BigBangSHINeeWorld6@yt

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  1. i remember that story..even now i still laugh about that...iu...iu...the boys funny when togther..miss them


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