Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Uncle Kim Kyu Jong

I think everybody wants to be that little kid. ^^ Getting a kiss from Kyu Jong-sshi. ^^


Source: TVDaily
English tanslation: Honeyeee @ Love501

“Silly Nephew” Kim Kyu Jong showing his affection towards his nephew, “How old is our nephew? 3 Years Old~”

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong was emerged the “Silly Nephew”

Recently, Kim Kyu Jong updated his twitter:“My Pretty Nephew ^^ Ah Pretty Ooing?” along with 2 pictures.

The pictures reveal Kyu Jong embracing and kissing his nephew, showing his love & affection for him. Being crowned as the “Silly Nephew” seems appropriate as he did a cute pose along with his nephew whereby the both of them sticks out 3 fingers.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens responded “It would be great to have Kyu Jong as Uncle”, “Nephew is too cute to be true”, “Kyu Jong seems like a good Uncle”.

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