Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fancams of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Fanmeeting in Thailand

Oh my.. I just got out from bed and the news that I immediately saw was videos of KyuSaeng in their fanmeeting. And what do you know, I enjoyed every single fancam and watched it over and over again. Especially the 'Love Song' part.^^ Too bad he did not perform the entire song. But at least he gave a short performance to the fans. He even instructed the man who is in charge of the music to fast forward the song on the part where he would be doing the sexy dance. ^^ I am sooooo loving him doing the wave dance. ^^ Really wish they would be going here in the Philippines! ^^

Singing 'Love Like This'

Dancing to Kara's 'Lupin' 

Young Saeng Dancing 'Gee'

And my favorite part.. Young Saeng dancing 'Love Song' ♥


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