Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd KPOP Convention

Sorry if I haven't posted anything lately. I actually attended the 2nd KPOP Convention held at PICC. I was actually standing in line around 11am but got in at past 12noon! That's how many people attended the event. The moment I entered the place, I immediately went straight ahead to the booth of 'The Face Shop'.Remember, a few days ago, I posted some things I bought from the store to get a chance to have Kim Hyun Joong's poster? Upon reaching the booth, I saw this one...

A lot of people are standing in line. I wondered If I would be able to get one poster. Next thing I saw...

Whoaaaa.... a handsome prince standing in front of me... should I refuse his offer? Of course not! kekeke. Well, I did not do a make-over nor hairstyling, but I did took a picture with him. Even though it is not with a 'moving' Hyun Joong, but at least I got a chance to stand beside him. ^^ And mind you, I was nervous when the photographer was about to shoot his camera. ^^ I stood right next to this picture on the wall..

And just right after that, I claimed my poster. I am so happy!

Then, I went to the booth of TSPH, look what I found?

A standee of KyuSaeng! Whew! I looked for my camera and took pictures of them because thy looked so hot! The admin of TSPH also told us the possibilities of having KyuSaeng fanmeeting here in the Philippines. I am so excited. Hope it will happen early next year. 

I got home around 9pm that's why it is just now that I am making an entry for my blog. ^^

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