Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DJ Hyung Jun talks to DJ Jung Min

When I was watching the clip, even though I could not understand everything, I was actually laughing with them. ^^ These two guys makes me laugh just by mere listening to their conversation. But you know what, when Hyung Jun requested for their song 'Let Me Be The One', when Hyung Jun and Jung Min shouted 'SS501 MANSAE MANSAE'.... I began to miss SS501. I miss seeing them performing on stage together, the times they would try to bully maknae, the times they were together guesting in a show,... the happy times they shared together. OMO.... am I being too sentimental? I shouldn't be. Because I believe that one day, they would come out and say... 'Hana Deul Set... Anneyonghaseyo Double S Oh Gong Il-imnda!' ^^

credits: poohlhl@youtube

Credit: 小卉@SS501 Baidu (玟芯品卉) + (English translation) rainaftershine.wordpress.com

HJB suddenly called into the radio programme.
At the beginning, he told JM he likes the musical JM acted in and wants to learn from him since he is an actor.
JM told him that musical actor needs to know how to sing.
HJB said that although JM is very good in singing, he is better.
JM started to sing-talk (?)* to him and HJB began to sing a part in Cafe-In.
After that, JM introduced HJB and even help to promote for Music High & Cafe-In.
Then HJB wanted to listen to Let me be the one (He sang it out) and JM played it ^^

*Might be talk > sing or sing > talk again. We know how chatty Jungmin is. ^^

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