Friday, December 10, 2010

SS501 Persona in Seoul Encore DVD Photobook Scans

OMG!!!! I am so very happy today! I've been waiting for this forever! I thought this would arrive next week since I keep on asking one of my friends if she received it already but she told me it might come next week. But luckily, at the strike of 4:35pm, the doorbell rang. I checked the door, and it was our mailman... with a package on hand! I was so excited, I immediately ran towards him. You should see the look on his face, probably he was thinking I am crazy. But what the heck! I was so thrilled to see him. The moment I laid my hands on the said package, I kept smiling, knowing what is in store for me. I opened the package and took pictures of it. I was able to scan just a few because I was having a hard time scanning the photobook. After this post, I'll be watching the DVD. ^^ Here it is! Enjoy!

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