Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's Message... 'Let's have snowball fight'

If only I could go to Korea, I'd definitely be there playing with you. Aiissshhhhiiiiii.... kekekeke. Playing jokes again Hyun Joong-ah? kekeke


credits: english translations by ode


Snow has fallen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Let's play snowfight shall we, tonight at 12AM at Seoul's Dobong-gu at Yeoksam-dong's 1205-102 alley, we'll congregate at the playground there


Since I've always been going overseas, this is my first snow that I'm seeing you know............

So that's why the hidden wiggling dog tail surfaced itself already, guess I need to run away from that don't you think kk

It's been cold, has everyone been still fine with your boyfriends, at least not until Christmas is over ????

If only you can not get lonely if that's the case ..

I once mentioned about a Christmas present didn't I ... that plan ah.... has failed through, I don't think I can give it anymore TT sorry


and so you believed?

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