Friday, December 3, 2010

SS501's Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun, Jung Min teasing each other in Twitter

These guys know how to start reminiscing their younger days but ends up teasing each other. ^^ I was smiling while reading their conversation, it's as if I am hearing them saying these things. kekeke. Knowing Mal, he used to call Hyung Jun 'Yah!' kekeke ^^ Have fun reading the rest of their tweets. ^^

It’s December~

2kjdream @HyungJun87 Now soon to be 25 already he he I’ve seen you wearing school uniform for the 1st time ㅠ he he

HyungJun87 @2kjdream Seems like yesterday~ Right~ You wear uniform look very Country!
(Country bumpkin? keke)

2kjdream @HyungJun87 Aye Yo Man So fast ㅠㅠ!! Grown up already Junnie~~ Ooing?! he he

JungMin0403 @HyungJun87 ke ke ke ke I spit already (?? not very sure) ke ke ke Country ke ke ke One Vote!!! Ya Gyuri is now looking for his own style~ I’m a fashion star who found my own (style) already!
(Kyu or Gyuri, PJM ah!)

HyungJun87 @2kjdream Quickly go find the correct answer! (Meaning his own style)
HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 You also have your shortcomings! I’m the best! Can be called as Kim Fashion!

JungMin0403 @HyungJun87 Ya What did you say to Park Fashion Star!! Ya  No matter what also look the best when take it all off right? But no use to discuss in front of your own condition! (? not very sure) I love myself! Musical Keep going!

2kjdream @HyungJun87  What did you say!! he he he Be careful of catching cold~ Perform well he he

HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 BBong~ I’m the best!?

credits: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net) + xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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