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Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia - Day 3

Wow! This report is very detailed so I suggest you read the whole article. Thank you so much for this. Really felt like I was there also witnessing Hyun Joong's activities. 

Credit: http://www.lisayap.com

* Everything is taken with my Olympus dslr and iPhone 4.

A refreshing morning, a refreshing ambassador in a refreshing outlet =P  

Everyone welcomes Kim Hyun Joong outlet visit at The Face Shop Pavillion ^^ 

His fans are everywhere… even we can notice there are many at the escalators while it goes up and downs… 

Kim Hyun Joong is very happy and keep smiling today~
we left from the hotel around 10am and reached Pavillion at 10:30, there are so many fans!!!
it was so packed and crowded~ 

christmas deco of the outlet… i like christmas =) 

and also I like how he wears today too! He looks really good in his suit ya! 

 i think he still kinda sleepy haha 

Kim Hyun Joong, the translator and Mr. Ong, the general manager of The Face Shop 

cute hairstyle~ like the color~ 

hehe again holding the mic with both hands ^^ 

gonna visit the outlet soon~ 

Kim Hyun Joong and one of the bodyguard from Korea~ 

Kim Hyun Joong inside of The Face Shop Pavillion 

 Him being the santa ^^

happy smiles of both~ 

he looks happy in giving away presents =) 

 waiting… like his hand gestures!

Oh yeah he also autograph on his standees~ 

 Looking cute like always…

smile smile =) 

I never use any flash on him… know that his eyes are tired, but I also get some shots when others taking his photos with flashes~

Beautiful orchids in his hands… 

time to say goodbye again… he was there for 15 minutes ^^ 

I’m sure many gonna miss him… and we are going to Sunway Pyramid outlet visit after that…
many fans actually go there too after Pavillion visit… wow… 

 Hmm, I wonder if these still there leh, or gone d too =P


After stopping by at some petrol stations to buy waters and toilet break… we move on to Sunway Pyramid… many fans cars are actually following us at back… thanks to the fans for staying in the cars while we stopped… thanks for being so good ^^ 

the securities of Sunway are so caring for opening the road and leading the way… 

prince charming~ 

Kim Hyun Joong at The Face Shop Sunway Pyramid =) 

look at the happy fans!! so cute right!!! 

he is really happy today.. as well as Mr. Ong ^^ 

nice nose he has! 

I think he looks the best in suit… suit his cool personality… 

haha this bodyguard actually have some fans too, i overheard some say that he is very handsome =P 

 he certainly has the kinda smile that can brighten the world… i think he knows it too, thats why he always smile in front of everyone, to pass on the hopes and happiness… he is really beautiful… from the inside to the outside…  

bodyguards are actually not that bad… they are just following orders in delivering jobs… this time around the order is “no camera” and it kinda make many fans unhappy… please don’t say that u hate the bodyguards… they very pity also one… hope u all can understand ya… see, when u all are good, these men will all kneel down so that u all can get good and clear shots =) they are just obeying the rules given from the top and protecting your idols with their bodies… wondering why all are wearing long sleeves (inclusive me)? because at the end of the day, we will always get blue blacks over our bodies, scratches on our hands… this time during the 3 days visit, my heels and my handbag is broken haha.. hmm, personally I respect the bodyguards a lot… they starve and eat only after all the big things and will not drink even being offered because they wanna stay alert to do their jobs well… at times they even have to stay awake for days while celebrities are sleeping… and most of the times they will easily get scolded even if it is just very tiny little things… that’s why they always need to be very strict… behind the public, they are all very nice people… thumbs up, to all the professional bodyguards in the world!!! 

haha here he is looking very innocent again! 

 eee, which one should i sign first?? 



he has been signing the same things yet he is so pro and give everyone his big smiles! 

and shy smile too lolz =P 

be santa again.. this time around is to a local celeb… 

both are so beautiful!! 




4… haha my readers please don’t hate me, from the sms I received, I know not everyone is fancy about him, but I can’t control myself in shooting his photos, he is just looking too good lahh =P 

I told u… he is very nice to children… look at his hands, his eyes and his smiles… =) 

 cute expression to the media when he is visiting the outlet.. 

how can I miss his cute hands this time >_< 

hehe Mr. Ong is looking cute in this photo too, I wonder why they all so happy yet control their happy smiles that day lo~ 

Good!!! yeah The Face Shop is a very good brand with good product, good ambassador, good leader and good staffs =)
* I miss the group photo =( i didn’t get to change my lens in time to fit in everyone sob sob…

A warm family photo… make me miss my parents n sis a lot now… 

it is his last public event in Malaysia this time… he ends it with a smile again =) 

and then we all go back to hotel to rest… while waiting for the flight that night… 

It is around 2pm when we back to hotel… 

and again, he doesn’t wanna go out to eat but ordered room service again, having his own time in his room… hehe wanna know what he had most of the times when he is here?? It is “bi bim bap”, the name sounds very cute right, it is a very popular korean dish… or may be we can call it as mixed rice… it’s served in a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sauteed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), together with a raw/fried egg and some sliced beef, everything will be stirred together thoroughly just before eating…. you wanna know what I have been thinking??? omg, i love this guy so much… he can be that simple!!! he is just so simple… he ordered the same bibimbap again and again… and it’s just bibimbap… he never wanted any luxury foods or things… and most surprisingly… his room is well organize and he keeps his things nicely every morning… i really love his personality… he is just someone… deserve to be loved =)

and it’s time to say goodbye again…

sweet fans wait at the airport… 

blur d @@ i was too far away when I shot this, these lovely girls posed for me!!! ^^ 

and here the koreans arrived KLIA… 

fans chase all the way.. 

and from everywhere… 

Again, many many many fans are there at the airport… to say goodbye to him…

Something very funny to share with you all…
there are some guys at the airport asked me who is the celeb… and right after I tell them he is the ambassador of The Face Shop and the leader in SS501, Kim Hyun Joong, their girlfriends shouted out loud and chased over d too, leave the guys there blur blur haha… 

Goodbye to Kim Hyun Joong, and it is very nice to meet you, thanks to The Face Shop Korea and The Face Shop Malaysia =)
If i free tonight, I will update again and add in few more shots of his! ^^

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