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Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia - Day 2

A detailed report on his Day 2 in Malaysia for 'The Face Shop'


Credit: http://www.lisayap.com

* Everything is taken with my Olympus dslr and iPhone 4.

What’s next for Kim Hyun Joong after the press conference in the morning and his late lunch?
After a short rest and a quick change in his room… we are going to another public event of his..



More than 5000 fans of Kim Hyun Joong are there waiting for Kim Hyun Joong appearance… 

and most of the loyal fans actually waited like 10 hours (since 7am)… 

some came with lovely boards… I think is screen shots of his drama series? Hmmm may be I should really buy those series to watch~

 and here he is!! the handsome and beautiful Kim Hyun Joong… around 5pm~

He is so caring that he tells everyone not to push because he doesn’t want any accident to happen…
* I heard that there are some fans fainted that day… hope they are alright now… 

the dreaming guy… as well as the dream guy of many… ^^ 

Gorgeous princess of mine, Shanere, as the host of the event again =D 

 he holds the mic kinda close to his mouth…
so that he can speak without using much strength… as we know he is not feeling too well 

and I like how he holds the mic with both hands… cute =P 

The Cantonese emcee, Ken, the translator, Kim Hyun Joong and the English/Mandarine emcee, Shanere…

the lucky translator hehe 

Getting ready to launch the latest products of The Face Shop~ 

again, looking very very very innocent~ 

and when the confetti blasts he was kinda shock hehe 

The happy smiles of everyone, yeah let us all Love the Season and Love The Face Shop!! 


now I know why so many people love Kim Hyun Joong, he has sth really special with him… I do not know how to describe it 

and he has really nice skin, it’s flawless, it’s very fair and also it’s shinning!!!
That’s what I heard people from the hotel whispering about =P
as for me, he has baby skin!!! How i wish i have that too =( 

He says that he has been using The Face Shop mask every night… because he always need to wear make up due to his job, and the masks works well in taking care of his skin… it makes me wanna try the masks so bad too now haha~ 

Both the emcees are really professional and make The Face Shop Korea and Malaysia very happy! 

Very good job to Kim Hyun Joong stylists… in the morning he looks so good in white and now he looks so good in black…
white black grey are always in my top fav too, easy to match and always in trend ^^ 

and the cute smile again! 

somehow I like this photo a lot, he is seated and getting ready to sign for the lucky fans! 

sitting like a baby… but in real person he never act like a baby, he is very man! 

drink water again…

and the water bottle gone missing again… it’s MAGIC!! haha 

sexy side view!

The Face Shop notebook...

sign sign sign...

the total of 210 fans/winners are the lucky ones to have his signature~ 

Kim Hyun Joong checks out on the queue =P 

there are 10 fans/winners who can take photo with him~ 

I think they are very happy for sure~ 

killing smile of his and sweet smiles of fans~ 

everyone wants a piece of him~ 

Kim Hyun Joong is very friendly to kids, he will look at them gently and come out with the most natural smiles! 

His expression is so cute in this one haha! He’s looking so lost and doubting if should shake hand with the fan/winner… because it’s not allowed during this public event, if shake one it means shake everyone’s hand (210 fans) and his schedule is very tight… 

Bodyguards are there to help him to fasten things… 

99% of the fans are girls… 

and of course they are guys too~ 

sunset soon...

and there are still many… 

snap snap~

many green balloons and cute little santa hats… these fans are one of the most supportive fans! ^^ 

see this… also green balloons of theirs… HJ… very sweet right… it is taken few hours back before he comes.. 

 snile =)

signing nonstop… for me, 210 is a lot.. his hands must be tired..

the lucky fans are so happy and excited!

looking serious...

eyes getting tired..

but still smile beautifully to every fan/winner who came on stage, he is so nice! 

fans are there all the time for him.. 

cute fans with cute outfits~ 

my captured moment of the emcees =P 

He ends the autograph session with his charming smile~ 

 really many fans… 5000 is a big number for such short appearance…

time is running out.. Kim Hyun Joong was saying he regrets that he cant sign for everyone… he hopes he can have his new album promo tour here in Malaysia… as well as concert! 

It ends d… bye bye to everyone… it was raining… 

 This is taken in front of him, sorry that it’s blur as I gotta rush into the car along d too~

After a very short rest, we all go to dinner at Pavillion… many fans are there too… they waited from the beginning of the dinner till it ends… the dinner is at Grand Palace… The Face Shop staffs are very happy with the meals treated by their bosses, and Kim Hyun Joong is very happy too, he must have love his trip here (being pampered by all the fans and The Face Shop Malaysia) that he drinks 2 bottle of the red wines by himself (the above image, can’t see the brand haha) that night! well, when he walks out, many fans are asking if he is drunk, he is not, he is very good in controlling and balancing his limit, especially when he has another 2 public events at the outlet visit the next day! The dinner ends around 11pm and I’m sure he has a good sleep during his second night in Malaysia =)

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