Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong to attend Yahoo! Buzz Asia Awards

Remember the controversial poll results in Yahoo! Korea Buzz Asia Awards? Well, actually, I have heard a couple of news already but haven't posted anything yet since there is no confirmation yet from Hyun Joong's agency. But when I saw Hyun Joong's schedule this coming friday, well I guess the rumors are all true. ^^


FROM Princess/happiebb@http://www.lovekimhyunjoong.com/

seems like Yahoo has contacted wuri hyun joong's HK fanclub/s(?)wanting to help them secure tickets to attend the award ceremony.the fanclub/s(?) were totally puzzled at first,wondering why on earth Yahoo think they would want tickets if HJ didn't win...

then they got the following email from Yahoo HK

Kim Hyun Joong won the Best Searched Asian Artist, it is the TOP award for whole year search result.So Kim Hyun Joong will fly over to HK to attend our event.

now please note that i've not verified the above infoand until you hear from Yahoo or Keyeast or any other official channels,but but but... the HK fanclub's starting to do headcount for tickets already, it seems...

anyway, for the time being,please treat the above as hearsay for now ^^

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