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SS501 Members born in the Year of Rabbit

So that's why Jung Min has rabbit for pets, and Hyung Jun is cute like a rabbit, and Kyu Jong is as calm as the rabbit. They all have something in common. ^^ 


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By KBS Global

As the year 2011 is the year of the rabbit, many star actors who were born in the year of rabbit – year 1951, 1963, and 1987 – are making a fresh resolution to make a new leap forward next year. Let’s take a look at those stars who were born in the year of the rabbit and have actively been performing in the various fields of broadcasting, movies, and music.

-Others omitted-

◇ Music Industry = Singers who were born in the year of the rabbit in 1987 mostly consist of members of idol groups; they debuted as singers, but they are actually actively performing as “multi-players” by appearing in various movies, musicals, and other entertainment. Top (Big Bang), Choi Si Won, Kim Ki Bum, and Ryeo Wook (Super Junior), Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jeong Min, and Kim Hyung Joon (SS501), GO (MBLAQ), Gun Il (Supernova), Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Joo Yeon (After School), So Yeon (Tiara), and the former member of 2PM Jae Bum are those stars who were born in 1987. Top had taken on the challenge of acting by appearing in the drama “IRIS” and in the movie “Into the Fire,” Choi Si Won is also appearing in the drama “'Athena: goddess of war,” Ga In and Joo Yeon are also appearing in the sitcom drama “All My Love” and drama “Smile Again,” respectively, and Jae Bum will also appear in the movie “Hype Nation.” Ryeo Wook and Kim Hyung Joon had appeared in musical works before. Seo In Kook, the winner of “Superstar K – Season one” last year, was also born in 1987, and successfully debuted as a solo singer with his hit songs such as “Love U” and “My Baby U.” Star singers such as Maya, Ha Ri Soo, Shin Jung Hwan, and Woo Seung Min in “All Lies Band” were born in 1975. Shin Jung Hwan, who had shown outstanding performances by appearing on many entertainment programs, has been caught up in controversy with the accusation illegal gambling in the Philippines in early September, and is still staying overseas, so many people are paying attention to his comeback.

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