Friday, February 24, 2012

#501KYUDay became no 1 in Worldwide trend in Twitter on Kyu Jong's birthday eve

I was at the office last night when this happened and I felt bad when I wasn't able to witness the trend. T.T But fortunately, my good friend @ivannah501 shared this picture to me this morning and I am so happy to see it. To think it was supposed to be tonight that the trending should happen, but suddenly it was included in the trending list. Totally unplanned! ^^  Do you think Kyu Jong saw it too? Well hopefully he did, our way to greet him on this special day. ^^ By the way, tonight is the scheduled rending for Kyu's birthday. For those who have twitter accounts, please join later at 9-11pm KST. Remember to trend #501KYUDay

credits: ivannah501@twitter

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