Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day

Today is his Romantic Event Party in Taiwan and I'm sure it's not only Kyu Jong, but all of his fans are very nervous on this day. ^^ Lucky for them, they got a chance to spend this special day with our very sweet Kyu Jong. ^^ Hope they all have a great time. ^^ Thanks to cllslam10 for translating the article. So Hyung Jun Maknae is the culprit? wehehehehe


Kim Kyu Jong Forgotten Mandarin, Preparing Surprise Performance As Gifts For Fans

Source: Taiwan Yahoo News
Eng Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Kim Kyu Jong came to Taiwan alone for his solo fanmeeting.

Don't know when will there be a chance for SS501 to be back together again, making Kim Kyu Jong who is coming to Taiwan for the 1st time for his solo fanmeeting, not really used to it when facing with the media.

Scheduled on the 14th during the night for his fanmeeting at Taipei International Convention Centre, Kim Kyu Jong is very excited to meet his fans and he disclose that he has prepared a surprise performance as a gift for the fans. Before the interview, the music company specially prepared a lottery pick to test his luck, finally he picked a TW$100 lottery. He smiled and says if he got the 1st prize, he would want to donate part of the prize and the rest he would want to hold a free concert for everyone.

This time other than coming to Taiwan to spend the Valentine's Day with his fans, he will be having "XiaoLongBao" which he did not get to eat for a very long time. Asking him, how much Mandarin had he remembered, Kim Kyu Jong awkwardly says out the members name, but no matter what, he still can't seem to recall. It turned out that it was Kim Hyung Jun who taught him wrongly, but he on spot learnt and on spot says :「祝大家情人節快樂」。"Wishing everyone A Happy Valentine's Day".

「2012為你鍾情 – Kim Kyu
Jong Taipei Fanmeeting」will be held on 14th at 7pm at Taipei International Convention Centre. Please contact the organizers for sales of tickets.

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