Friday, February 17, 2012

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong's 'Romantic Party' Event featured in MTV News

Okay, I know there are no translations on this video. But you know me, I'd post it if I think you all deserve to watch it. ^^ I saw a lot of fans having a great time there, and also a lot of fans jealous who wasn't able to attend. (well that includes me >.<) I seriously screamed out of envy to the girl who was picked by Kyu Jong, and even got a necklace from him. ^^ If I were the girl, the moment Kyu put the necklace on me, you'd probably seeing me smiling unlit my lips rip. wehehehehe ^^ And did you see when Kyu Jong held hands with the fan girl????? I can hear alot of girls in the background screaming '안돼' ^^ *sigh* I wish I was there T.T

credits: http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn + eednaka@yt

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