Saturday, February 25, 2012

SS501 Tweets: Tweets by Kyu Jong and his friends on his birthday

So sorry if I'm only posting this now. I was actually busy with a lot of things lately, but hopefully I can make it up by sharing these tweets on Kyu Jong's birthday. ^^ I am posting the tweets of his friends whom I know, some other tweets came from accounts which I am not familiar, mianhe. But I do know Sean Alexander, Josh Rose and Steven Lee are all songwriters. Jibin is the kid from 'Boys Over Flowers' and the friend also of Young Saeng, skullhong is Hongki of FT Island and of Hyung Jun-ah of SS501. ^^ I love it how he tease Maknae to buy him a present. ^^ I wonder if Hyung Jun will do, since we all know that during debut days, they often complain that Maknae never bought something for them. ^^ Jung Min, Young Saeng and Hyun Joong must have decided to call him instead because they are all busy nowadays. ^^ 

*Will update post if other translations are out. Post has been updated^^ I posted the tweets according to their conversations. ^^

Please repost with full credits! Thanks!



credits: 2kjdream + HyungJun87 + Steven_Lee_ + joshrosemusic + seanalexander23 + skullhong + Actor_ParkJiBin + xiaochu@Quainte501.com (English Translations)

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