Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong looks very masculine riding a motorbike

The modern version of 'Prince Charming' eh? ^^ Instead of a prince riding in a knight and shining armor, turns out a very handsome prince who rides a motorbike. Well, if that is the case, can I be his princess in distress who needs to be rescued? ^^ *dreams* (^___^)


Kim KyuJong, Motorbike Pose ‘Sexy Visual’ Strong Scent of a Man

Credits : kangsj@osen.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Singer cum actor Kim KyuJong from group SS501, gave off his fullest masculine beauty with a great motorbike pose.

In the recent filming of the 17th episode of TV Chosun weekend drama ‘Saving ajumma Go BongShil’, Kim KyuJong was filming the scene where he was riding a motorbike and caught the hearts of women.

In the photos released on 7-Feb, Kim KyuJong was riding a bike, he wore a black leather jacket and gloves, showing a tough charisma with this biker fashion, with a strong scent of a man.

In the drama, Nicky (Kim KyuJong) appeared fashionably riding a motorbike in InYoung (Luna)’s dream, he held out his hand to InYoung who was hesitating between the other guys.

During the filming, Kim KyuJong turned into ‘Prince appearing in dream riding a motorbike’, which is like a modern version of ‘Prince riding a white horse’ (aka prince charming), he appeared as if he has a halo, transforming the filming into somewhat like a photoshoot. His face seen from the tiny space of the helmet cannot hide his warm appearance, displaying a superior visual effect.

Drama representative said “Kim KyuJong who rode on a motorbike, appeared wonderfully forgetting about the dangers, and received enthusiastic responses from the staffs. With such a splendid appearance, would Luna hold on to Kim KyuJong’s hand or not? Please look forward to InKi (InYoung + Nicky) couple’s story.” Broadcast will be on 11-Feb at 6.50pm.

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