Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5... Anniversary of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's 'AND Story in Manila'

It's been a year since Kyu Jong and Young Saeng went to visit our country and had their fanmeeting 'AND Story in Manila'. A lot of my Triple S sisters here are reminiscing the days when we were all excited to see them, our first reaction the moment we laid our eyes on them, the long hours of waiting just to have a glimpse of their faces, skipping meals just to make sure we won't miss them passing by. These were all the things we did, but we were all very happy and thankful for that day, because it was a one time event we cannot forget. ^^ I'm sure, for those reading this entry and had attended the event knows exactly what I'm talking about. ^^ To recall those moments, let me post here the video that one of my friends created a year ago. ^^ I hope she won't mind if I post it here. ^^ 규종씨... 영생씨... 고맙고...... 보고싶어. TT.TT 필리핀에서 돌아와 제발...

credits: phtriples@yt

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