Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's most impressive scenes are the bed scene, swimming pool scene and kissing scene

Hyung Jun-ah, your fans cannot also forget your bed scene and kissing scene. ㅋㅋㅋ ^^ But I cannot remember if the swimming pool scene has been shown already. o_O Do you? I must be forgetting the scenes I've watched, 미안해 T.T But I am actually enjoying watching the drama. ^^ I hope this airs soon in our local tv. ^^ Thanks to Cheezeemelt for the link. ^^


Kim Hyung Joon, “I can’t forget the bed scene and kissing scene”

Kim Hyung Joon, who is appearing on a TV series for the first time, said that the most impressive scenes to him are the bed scene and the kissing scene.”

On February 2, Kim attended a press conference for KBS Drama’s series Sunshine Girl and said, “The most impressive scenes to me are the bed scene, swimming pool scene, and kissing scene.”

Kim said, “I had to shoot the swimming pool scene without wearing clothes. And I also remember the kissing scene that I shot a few days ago. There were lots of scenes in which I had to take my clothes off. I think I will remember the bed scene and the kissing scene for a long time.”

He added, “I had lots of fun shooting the series and I had many things to remember. But the most luckiest part for me about shooting the series was to get to know many nice people.”

“I will try hard to be back performing in other series this year.”

On the same day, Kim shot a scene, in which Kang Min (played by Kim), No Young Woo (played by Park Kwang Hyun) and Jeon Ji Hyun (played by So Ee Hyun) are forming a love triangle. The scene will air in March.

The series is a romantic drama about people who work at a broadcasting station. A writer, producer, and top star form a love triangle in the series. So Ee Hyun, Park Kwang Hyun, Kim Hyung Joon, Go Na Eun, and Chae Young In appear on the series.

The series will air every Saturday on KBS Drama.

Source: Star News

credits: en.korea.com

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