Monday, February 27, 2012

Park Jung Min and Jian Shu Man are buddies off-cam

Anyone who's acting together with Jung Min would definitely be his buddies since he is very accommodating and playful at the same time. ^^


Park Jung Min arches a hug

Source: Chinatimes
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)

Lifted from xiaochu@Quainte501.com
Please repost with full credits.

[RPJM: Only translated Jung Min's portion. And some parts may sounds weird when its being translated to English.]

Korean idol Park Jung Min and new actress Jian Shu Man is a pair of happy lover in CTV idol drama 'Fondant Garden'. Both of them shoot the drama in Korea and Taiwan, even the communication language is also international. After going solo from SS501, Park Jung Min focuses his career on acting. Not only Japanese, he also learned Chinese last year. Jian Shu Man is also interested in Korean and Japanese thus both of them used 3 kinds of languages to communicate. Park Jung Min will call her 'Stupid' (in Chinese) while Jian Shu Man will answered back 'Babo' (in Korean). Their bickering is always funny.

Park Gold cheek, very casual behind the scene (privately)

After putting on the Brooks Brothers outfit, Park Jung Min was asked to arch a hug during the photo-shoot. Some staffs smiled and said "They are acting as lovers in the drama but they are buddies off the screen." Jian Shu Man admits that her personality is like a boy and even hugged Park Jung Min's waist (like a man). Jian Shu Man said "We will not take the photo-shoot seriously, we only know how to joke around."

Park Jung Min is known to have 'Golden Cheek'. He pays attention to the camera angle so that it fit the temple and bang's volume. After taking photos, he will confirm each photo to see if there's shadow on both of his cheeks and under his eyes and self-deprecate "I am old." He is very concerned about his performance on the screen. However he is very casual behind the scene. Once, he wore sportswear in the airport and fans saw him, his Japan agency warned him "If you do not have any clothes to wear, the company will buy them for you."

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