Saturday, February 18, 2012

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun shows his abs in 'Glowing She'

O_O O_O O_O Wowowowowie.... The baby is now a sexy man~! ^^ I see ladies still staring at his abs. ^^


Kim Hyungjoon shows off his muscular body in "Sunshine Girl"

SS501 member Kim Hyungjoon revealed his sexy body on KBS drama "Sunshine Girl." This is the first time he has revealed his muscular figure, thus making the hearts of his many female fans tremble.

He previously lost eight kilograms for his role in the drama.

Netizens commented, "Kim Hyungjoon has this kind of surprising body?", "Really sexy," and "Now he's the man!"

The scene will be broadcasted on February 18th, 11PM KST. His swimming ability will also be revealed.

The drama tells the love story of a rookie scriptwriter (played by So Ihyun) and a top star (Kim Hyungjoon).

Source: My Daily

credits: koreaboo.com

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