Sunday, February 19, 2012

Triple S Peru won the KPOP Fanchants 2012

I know that this blog is meant for the boys, and what is meant for the boys meant to Triple S. ^^ So I'm very happy to share this news that they have won the contest! ^^ Just by watching the videos made me very proud as a Triple S. It's a lot of hardwork you know. Starting from the shouts, to the waving of the lightsticks, to the props used. They did made a lot of effort to win the title first place. ^^ I hope the boys can see this video. ^^ Congratulations once again Triple S Peru!!!!! ^^ It was an awesome performance!

Love Like This

Four Chance (Angle 1)

Four Chance (Angle 2)

U R Man

Deja Vu

credits: kpopidolsfestival@yt

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