Friday, February 17, 2012

[Eng Translation] Park Jung Min's 'My Story' Part 1

Huge huge thanks for the translators who decided to provide this to us. ^^ Now we can enjoy reading his story. ^^


‘My Story’ – Jung Min’s story A-Z (Part 1)

Source: Vivaldi-P
Chinese translation: 阿菜 (ALLFORPJM)
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)

Lifted from xiaochu@Quainte501.com

Please repost with full credits.


My first experience with the alcohol was during the 3rd year in Elementary school. I went to my uncle’s house with my mother and drank it. I think it was an art event and drank the cherry wine as everyone was supposed to drink it. After drinking it, my entire face felt hot. That time, i decided not to drink this kind of awful things ever. But now, i am always immersing into alcohol. I am joking, i am joking! Although i love alcohol, and will even get drunk after drinking, I would not anyhow drink it. Staff often asked me “Why am i not drunk?” That’s because, me, when i am feeling drunk, just a little bit, i will immediately leave the place, bringing along my bag and other stuffs. What will happen if i am on a date? I will not touch alcohol when i am on a date but let’s say if i became sexy after i am drunk, you probably think that it will bother you.


The most beautiful part in woman… it’s still certainly her heart. Although appearance is also important, i think the woman who knows how to care for the others is the best. She doesn’t have to do anything special, she just has to respect my work. I feel that woman like this is the most beautiful. Next, if I don’t like woman who only cares about themselves, waiting for someone to do something for them yet doesn’t help, i cannot cope with them. However, i like woman who drives someone, giving the strength of positive. Woman who is gentle yet strong, i really like them.


Whenever i am stress and isn’t in a good condition, I will:
(Go for) Massage, sleep, eat, exercise, shopping, cook and read interior design magazines.
Now, in my Taiwan’s room, there’s actually around 100,000¥ worth of interior design magazines pilling up everywhere.

I have another dream, and that is to become a/an (interior) designer. Like for example, building something like ‘Jung Min Hotel’ and things like this. Why? What kind of interior; wall, furniture, lighting are things which only made the customer comfortable and happy. From now onwards, i will start to familiarize myself with interior design knowledge, you must support me!


I love jogging when i was a child and is always chosen to be the last to run in a relay. From that time, i am already popular. Valentine’s Day during my Elementary School was really impressive as I was always chased around by girls. That time, there were 2 girls from the same class as me chased me and said “Please date with me.” The flowers were right in front of me, who should i choose? OO? XX? OO? … (which one should i choose? I kept hesitating
!!) In the end, i gave OO the flowers (Okay, i decided to choose OO to be my girlfriend) But i announced this at XX’s house. Thinking of it now, it’s really bad. My dream that time (when i was a child) was to become a policeman. In Korea, it was broadcasting a documentary about police that time, after finishing the documentary, i felt touched. I will absolutely protect the citizens! The will to fight totally kindled. Now, even though there are times where I occasionally do not understand things related to police, i believe that in a certain extent, i can still a policeman. But because there are other missions for me to do, i cannot be a police already.

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