Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong backhugged Luna

I'm so excited to watch this episode with subs! ^^ I'm sure a lot of Kyu Jong fans will envy Luna. Will they be able to take it? hehehehe Of course they will. It's only for the drama girls so you can relax your pounding hearts. ^^


 ‘InKi’ Couple Kim KyuJong Backhugged Luna?...Indirect ‘Declaration of Love’!

Credits : thestar@chosun.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


In TV Chosun weekend drama ‘Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil’, SS501’s member Kim KyuJong and f(x) Luna were having part-time job date for movers, and indirectly confessed their feelings for each other and declared their love.

In ‘Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil’ broadcasted today (25th), immature princess ‘InYoung’ (Luna) dressed up to go on a date requested by the prickly handsome youth ‘Nicky’ (Kim KyuJong). However, what Nicky threw to InYoung was a pair of working pants and red working gloves. But with this mover date, InYoung will receive Nicky’s indirect confession and confirms his sincerity.

Wearing the floral prints work pants and red gloves, ‘InYoung’ tried her best to get bowls from the top cupboard, ‘Nicky’ went to help her out where they became very close distance, which will be expecting to make viewers excited as the scene will seem like it is a back hug.

A worker who is doing work with them said about the sweet and lovey image of the two “You are not doing these work and came to have a date? Can’t you do it quickly!”. Nicky teased “Yes! I’m done with dating and will work now” which indirectly announces his love, prickly guy Nicky, who was always indecisive, conveyed his true feelings.

Netizens responded “Finally it is the peak for ‘Inki’ couple”, “Seeing the backhug(?) scene, seems like it will be the most romantic date!”, “I can hear my heart pounding even by just watching it~”.

‘David Kim’ (Cheon HoJin) who was in ‘Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil’, came to find ‘Go Bong Shil’ (Kim HaeSook) to convey his true feelings and development of the middle-aged romance and excitement will be broadcasted through TV Chosun ‘Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil’, every Saturday and Sunday at 6.50pm ‘Channel 19’.

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