Friday, February 17, 2012

Heo Young Saeng choses Kim Kyu Jong who's great in acting

KyuSaeng moment? hehehehe Well, it's true that Kyu Jong's eyes really says it all. You can see in his eyes if he's afraid, shocked, happy, sad or in love. ^^ For those who have seen Kyu Jong in person would agree that his eyes really would melt you in an instant, 그렇치?Also Young Saeng said he would be seen most of the time in the drama. ^^ I'm so excited to see his dimples showing once again! ♥


Heo YoungSaeng “Like KyuJong’s Acting With His Eyes The Most Among SS501 Members”

Credits : imahh@starnnews.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


SS501 Heo YoungSaeng named KyuJong as the person with the most outstanding acting skills among SS501 members.

On 15-Feb, KBS new daily sitcom ‘Sent From Heaven’ (Previously literally translated as ‘I Need A Fairy’) press conference was held at Daechi-dong Convention Diament, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with Cha InPyo, Shim HyeJin, Hwangwoo SeulHye, Lee DooIl, Yoon JiMin, Park HeeJin, WooRi, Park MinWoo, MinJi, Choi JungWon, ShinWoo, Go ChanSoo PD, etc attended the event.

In the sitcom, Heo YoungSaeng will be appearing as a singer too, he expressed his feelings at the press conference on that day “This is the first time I am doing a sitcom, so I am very nervous and looking forward to it.”

And as to whether members who went into acting before him gave him any advices, he responded “I haven’t been in contact with them since the sitcom started.”

In addition, out of Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJun and Kim KyuJong, he named Kim KyuJong as the member whom he thinks has the best acting skills, he said “Even though the other members are good in acting too, Kim KyuJong’s acting with his eyes is really good so it attracted my attention. I hope I will be good as an actor too.”

Heo YoungSaeng added “I will be showing myself always smiling in this sitcom. I hope viewers can smile together with me when they see me smiling”, telling us about his role in the sitcom.

‘Sent From Heaven’ is about a funny pair of fairy mother & daughter ChaeHwa (HwangWoo SeulHye) and WangMo (Kim HyeJin) who came to earth for a while, but lost their winged clothes, thus had to stay on earth and experience life on earth. The first broadcast will be on 27-Feb, and will compete with MBC ‘High Kick, Revenge of the Short-Legged’ which airs at the same timeslot.

*'acting with the eyes' is quite a literal translation. It's more like when a person is acting out the emotions with the look of his eyes.

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