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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong featured in Josei Jishin No.2527

Again and again, Leader never fails to make me laugh! ^^ Date on a bank? Who would ever suggest to do such a thing? Only our 4D Leader will do! ^^ That's why we all love him. ^^ (And I still cannot stop laughing whenever I read that line over and over again. bwahahahahaha)



No.2527 Josei Jishin [eng trans]

Melted by his true self (Heart)

A to Z

20 thousand people were crazy about his charm during his Japan Debut Premium Live at Yokohama Arena, let's reveal his unexpected true self by interpreting from A to Z.
The latest "KStar Lovers" is revealing the true self of Kim Hyun Joong (25), who is the leader of a famous group SS501 and his Japan debut album "KISS KISS/ LUCKY GUY" had a sales volume of 100 thousand in the first week, by A to Z.
"When asking about a dating location in summer, he answered, " Dating at the bank, because it is with air-con." (laugh)
That's why he is said as 4D, person from universe. With this handsome face, it is still another charm, even his speaking style is in that way.
Talking with me is a K-POP writer, Miss Sakai Mikako.
"Heard that he was a bad guy in his high school. After graduation until now, he is still close with his old friends, with a very manly character. He seldomly talks about his stuffs, if friends are happy, then he will be happy. He cares so much about people around him even he is busy. He won't forget to appreciate the staff by holding celebration dinners whenever any shootings or concerts end."
Can we see his unexpected heart through this A to Z?

A. Actor
"Brought his acting instructor to world concert for practising which shows his passion on his job. Learning acting through acting in TV drama, heard that there is already movie asking for his participation specifically." (Korean reporter)

B. Bae Yong Joon
Bae Yong Joon is the representative of the company and his senior. "Work related stuff is just about 2% during the meeting with Bae Yong Joon. Heard that they will share more about their gloominess, ideal girls, these kinds of topics." (Magazine's reporter)

C. Chingu
"If anyone who can succeed in business in the future, let's open a restaurant together" His 10-years-ago-promise came true, he paid the capital for the business, and it is running by 3 persons who are being friends since primary 1, the restaurant is JAKSAL CHICKEN!"

D. Dream
"Only TOP ARTIST can stand on this stage - Tokyo Dome, standing on that stage is every singers' dreams. Nevertheless, I'd like my songs can be listened by as many people as possible." (KHJ)

E. Enjoy
"Leisure is to play my all time hobby, soccer or meet with my friends." He plays actively in the artist soccer team "FC MEN" at the Forward position. (Magazine's reporter)

F. Fan
"In order to repay the fans who had paid to listen to my songs, I'd like to gather all the fans together at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for a free concert."

G. Donation
When the Great East Japan Earthquake occured, made a 100 million won donation (around 7 million yen). Participating in contributing to the society enthusiastically, 50 million won (around 3.5 million yen) was donated for flooding in Thailand, of which he did not reveal to his company.

H. Boys Over Flower
"During his shooting in Korean version Boys Over Flower, suffered from insomnia due to tiredness and anxiety. Heard that he couldn't get into sleep for 4 nights consecutively, was pessimistic about life and even considered to death." (Magazine's reporter)

I. Playful Kiss
After reading to the script, he had a feeling that this drama could change his life, thus he decided to take part in it.
"He was so handsome at the scene which he dried his hair with a towel after shower, is a must watch scene for those who haven't watched yet!" (Miss Sakai)

J. Jae Joong
"He and JYJ's Jae Joong are friends. During the seperation of TVXQ, they lived together and became even closer. He ever said that wished to perform on the same stage with Jae Joong." (Magazine's reporter)

K. Kindness
"His parents ran a textile store in Dongdaemun before. Once saw wrinkles on mother's face, bought some cosmetics as her gift. Heard that he had ever cried in toilet when thought of mother's tiredness." (Magazine's reporter)

L. Leader
"The nickname リダ(ri da) comes from the fact that he is SS501's leader. There was once he asked his groupmate Young Saeng to "Sit down!", he is usually being kind, but very straight and serious in front of work." (Miss Sakai)

M. Mother
He gave a fried chicken restaurent to his mother. "was worrying whether she can run the business smoothly", concerning about his mother has set an image to the Korean media. (Magazine's reporter)

"He does not familiar with technology, not even the mobile's ringtone setting. TV's remote control is a harsh task. Basically, he does not use twitter and seldomly leaves messages." (Magazine's reporter)

O. One Piece
"His favourite Japanese comic is One Piece, so familiar with all the chapters. He is longing for the upcoming chapter. He also likes 'NARUTO'" (Miss Sakai)

P. Personality
"He can be naive in front of friends. When his best friends were drunk and got into sleep during celebration dinner or any dinner, he would draw on their faces secretly.(laugh)" (Miss Sakai)

Q. Quality
"Quality of music is the outcome of hardwork. On the day when Japan Tour ended last year, he still went to studio for dancing session. Even practise with dancers during holidays." (Miss Sakai)

R. Ramen
"Like Tonkotsu Ramen so much. Favourite restaurants are 'Ippudo', 'Jyangara' etc. During the time when his group was staying in Japan, he always went to 'Azabu Ramen'". (Magazine's reporter)

S. St. Valentine's day
"When the Valentine's day in high school, I would go to my girlfriend's school to give her chocolates."
He told the Korean media he had never given chocolate from others, is it true!?

T. Friends
"Friends are more important than girlfriends. Friends are forever, yet girlfriends will leave after break up." He answered this to Korean reporter personally.

U. Celebration
"Like celebration a lot. Dancers, staff, all male, are all sitting next to him for not letting girls come over and chat, some people suspected and asked "are you gay?" (laugh) (Magazine's reporter)

V. Vocal
"The Japanese pronounciation of debut song 'kiss kiss/ lucky guy' is very difficult, especially <ず ZU>. I'm now so fluent on that, so no worries." (KHJ)

W. Wild
"Prince image is built deep inside everyone's heart, but actually he is very wild. A period before his debut, because he didn't have a place to stay, he had lived in a slippery basement." (Magazine's reporter)

X. X-day
"About X-day (day of marriage), 'want to get married at 35. Seeing my seniors who have been close with me since childhood, 30 is still not a suitable age for marriage.' He had said this personally." (Magazine's reporter)

Y. Holiday

"During the relocation of company, earned 1-month holiday, felt so bad mentally, the whole body was like empty. Though I want to take some rest, when it comes to me, I'd rather go back to work."

Z. Motto
"His motto is 'Life comes only once'. It means as life comes only once, it should be wonderful and meaningful. He is giving an energetic stage to everyone." (Magazine's reporter)

credits: Dear.w.HJ(sphj0606.blogspot) [English Translation] + http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

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