Sunday, February 26, 2012

Park Jung Min will make kimchi pancake for fans if....

That is if his drama rates a 5%. ^^ Of course, who wouldn't want to eat a dish specially made by our Jung Min? We all want to taste it, so we better keep the ratings up for us to have a chance to eat his kimchi pacake and also witness his dance. ^^


Park Jung Min mocks Jian Shu Man’s flat chest, contagious ‘acne’ during the filming of kissing scene

Starring Park Jung Min and Jian Shu Man, ‘Fondant Garden’ premiere venue was being built like a garden wedding. Actors and actresses Lia Lee, Li Wang Luo, Chen You Fang, Zheng Zong Zhi, Hou Qiong Fang dressed as bridesmaid and groomsman, the romantic joy of atmosphere made Park Jung Min happy and he said “There’s a feel of a wedding.”

Park Jung Min who came to Taiwan to develop has his Chinese skills improved rapidly but there is also a bucketful of jokes. Actress Chen You Fang exposed that during the filming, there is a bra shape cake and she told him to say ‘bra’. Park Jung Min continued it on the spot “Mei Yin Jie (acted by Chen You Fang)’s bra is really big, Jian Shu Man’s one is really small.” Everyone laughed after he said this.

The trailer was first broadcasted and Park Jung Min’s ‘unexpected kiss’ with Jian Shu Man was shown. Jian Shu Man expressed that the filming was really difficult. Before filming, she practiced a few times. As she was nervous and in addition, there are changes to the position of the camera, they kissed at least 10 times and above. Park Jung Min smiled and said “In the end, we got used to everything and courageously led everything.” When they were filming the kissing scene, both of their noses touched each other. There was acne of Jian Shu Man’s nose and it seems contagious. After a few days, Park Jung Min also had acne on his nose which makes them exclaimed “amazing!”

Park Jung Min who is about to return to Korea was asked that will he ask his family members to watch his new drama. His unexpected answer “I don’t wish that my parents watch it because my father still treats me like a child, I am afraid that both of us will turn shy if we watch it.” Park Jung Min can respond to everything which was asked. When he was asked about who has the best body in SS501, Park Jung Min confidently said “Must be me!” During the press conference, Park Jung Min made a promise with the fans that once the rating hits 5%, he will treat everyone with his handmade kimchi pancake and a dance as an appreciation of saying a thank you.

When they were chatting about the casting process, Angie Chai joked “This drama is not only specially made for Park Jung Min, we also asked the screenwriter to talk to him. Because his personality plays according to Hoyle, this is not a normal Korean flower boy.”  Currently, she is training the second batch of new generation of idol drama actors and actresses thus she is putting hopes on both of the main actresses. Park Jung Min expressed that “Not only he get along with the filming crew, he also learned a lot of curse words.” He even said a few as a reporter request for it. This makes the crew worried and broke into cold sweat.

When they were talking about the kiss scene with Jian Shu Man in the drama, Park Jung Min said “I am a little shy but because I am a guy, I must be patient, take the initiative and perform generously.” Jian Shu Man said “I was nervous as I had to follow him as his character needs to lead me, but I felt happy.” She even exposed that Park Jung Min is very funny behind the scene thus creating a good atmosphere at the filming site. Both of them promised that if the drama rating hits 5%, Park Jung Min will personally make kimchi pancake to repay the fans while Jian Shu Man will dance tap dance with Park Jung Min.

credits: gellie_ace@k-popexpress.com

Source: YES Entertainment + Sina
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)


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