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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Q&A portion from An An Magazine

Huge huge thanks to lafone for sending me the translations of the interview. ^^ Really appreciate lafone's hardwork, so please, for those who will repost this article, please make sure to provide full credits. ^^ It was so funny when Hyun Joong answered the 4th question. ^^ He did made me laugh once again. ^^ 

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Kiss me sweetly, Kim Hyun Joong !

A really handsome guy I look twice in spite of myself.
A slendar  and strongly built masculine body.
The more you know about him, the more you will get addicted to him.
An exclusive interview of such a perfect guy, Kim Hyun Joong !

Question 1 :  What made you burst into laugh recently ?

Recently I saw “옹달샘 (a variety program) “.  Though I don’t usually see TV,
I happened to tune in, seeing Yu Se-Yun ssi (유세윤, a Korean comedian ) mimic many animals !  It was so funny that I burst into laugh though though I rarely did it. 

Question 2:  What made you cry most recely?

I rarely cry, even though I see a sad-story movie.  It’s a shame for me if friends recognize me to cry.  Oh I don’t go to cinema alone, always with someone. 
However, I cried once on June 7, the last year on the occasion of the showcase in Seoul which was the first event for me as a solo artist.   I shead tears without knowing by myself.   Though my eyes were full with tears, but I did not cry.

Question 3:  For what you felt angry most ? 

I don’t remember .  I didn’t get angry recently.  I don’t have a feeling of angry in myself.  Therefor, I cannot remember when and for what I got upset last time. 
I think that people get angry when they know they cannot be self-assertive.  Anger does change nothing.  I think that it is much wiser to try best in problem –solving. 

Question 4:  If you were not an artist, what had you been doing?

I  should have been doing something related to music.  I cannot live without music.  There are many people working in music-related business even though they are not an entertainer.  Music naturally exists around people.   I think that even a mobile ringtone is a sort of music ……… but I always keep my mobile in a silent mode (laugh).   I feel embarrassed if someone recognizes the ringtone of my mobile.

Question 5:  You are a member of  FC MEN, an artists football team. Which is the best position for you?

The positions are not fixed actually.  If I am in good shape, I attack in a forward position, but if not, I go back and defend.   But I feel confident being FW as I  can kick both-handed.  I can kick a shoot both-handed; that’s my strength

credits: SS501 Baidu + elley (photo) + lafone (Japanese to English Translation)

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