Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to SS501 Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong!

Another year for our ever sweet Forever Center Kyu Jong. I know that for the past year, he had been through a lot. From musicals to promoting his own album, and now to acting. Although some would ignore the kindness of this man, but for me, for us Triple S, this guy never fails to look back to where he came from. He never forgets to thank his family, the staff he's with, his SS501 brothers and of course his fans which he often called 'Pretties'. I remember during his interviews in some shows, he used to say he was supposed to quit SS501 since he feels he is bringing down the group. A guy who came from Jeonju, used to be an ordinary guy. But when we met him, we found already a treasure. ^^ Someone who is worth keeping. He was such an angel, never gets into scandals or fights. He was sensitive back then on how people sees and says about him. But despite that, he never forgets to smile and waves to everyone. He surely is very sweet, especially to his fans. He keeps whatever gifts he received from them. A soft-spoken man who would melt your heart by just staring at you. There are more good sides of him that some people might not know of, but one thing is for sure.... he DESERVES to be a part of SS501. ^^

We all love you Kyu Jong. I wish you more blessings and happiness in life, much more than we get from you. I hope that you will stay healthy and continue to be the man that you are. Knowing such a person like you is already a gift to all of us. You have been an inspiration to most of your fans. And we are all grateful that you chose to stay with SS501. ^^ I'm sorry I wasn't able to make a fanvid for you this month, but with this entry I wish I could send out my message .....  

생일 축하합니다! 사랑해요 ♥ 

Note: This video was taken last year from 'AND Story in Manila' I hope his wish back then came true ^^ 

credits: as tagged + tweetyandfriends@yt

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