Friday, February 17, 2012

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min both in Taiwan on Valentine's Day

Too bad, they didn't had a chance to meet each other. But that's okay, they were both busy at that time. I believe there will still be another chance for them to meet. You can never tell, maybe it would not be the two of them only, but all five of them. ^^


Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong spent Valentine’s Day with fans but did not meet?

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Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min recently came to Taiwan to film for idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. He received chocolates from the fans in Taiwan on Valentine’s Day yesterday. He emphasized that he does not have a girlfriend yet, and felt happy when he received the chocolates. But, he complained that both of the actresses, Jian Shu Man and Lia Lee did not give him any chocolates. SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong was also in Taiwan for his solo fan-meeting yesterday. Park Jung Min expressed that he contacted with Kim Kyu Jong but because Kyu Jong’s schedule in Taiwan was rather short and had to leave for Korea today, both of them did not had a chance to meet each other. As Park Jung Min had to rush to film the drama for days, in addition to Taiwan’s wet weather, he caught a cold. During the interview, he kept on coughing and even used Chinese to express that his cold made his throat hurts.

Park Jung Min wore his drama outfit today, appearing in a bakery shop with Jian Shu Man and Lia Lee to promote their new drama and also to raise fund of charity. Park Jung Min made a heart-shaped cake on the spot with a happy face. He explained that this is the expression of whereby he saw someone and feels shy. Yesterday, he celebrated Valentine’s Day in Taiwan, fans gave him chocolates which made him really happy. He expressed that he gave chocolates to girl when he was in his 6th year of elementary school. And as for expressing his love to the girl after giving the chocolates, he thought for a long time and laughed “I forgot about it.” Park Jung Min and the actors and actresses in the drama were harmonious and they are not bothered by the language barriers completely. He kept complaining to everyone that Jian Shu Man and Lia Lee did not give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day and this made him disappointed. Jian Shu Man explained “Because he will receive lots of chocolates, so it won’t make any difference.” Lia Lee said that she and Park Jung Min are like best friend, fearing that giving chocolates will led to some misunderstanding. After listening to both of the girls, Park Jung Min insisted that still wants to receive chocolates and even told both of them to give him by 5pm today which caused a series of laughter at the scene.


Source: YES
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
Lifted from xiaochu@Quainte501.com

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