Saturday, February 11, 2012

Notice from Greenlights Productions about Park Jung Min's Event

I was at the office when the official notice was released by the organizers. Oh well, there's nothing much I can say. I guess every thing happens for a reason. Fate will come in it's own time.



This is Greenlights Events & Productions Phils., Inc.

We deeply regret to bring everyone this very unfortunate news but due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, we would need to cancel all of Park Jung Min's events here in Manila.

Park Jung Min's management failed to give us a confirmation that they can bring Park Jung Min to Manila as their artist. We have tried our best to reach out and coordinate with them to fix the problem at their end but we did not get any confirmation.

Park Jung Min, through his representative, expressed his willingness to attend his events in Manila BUT because the situation is too complicated, we decided not to bring Park Jung Min to avoid any legal conflicts.

To all the fans of Park Jung Min, we know that a lot of you have anticipated his arrival next week and we can't thank you enough for the support you have given our company and Park Jung Min. We have prepared a lot for this too so it pains us to bring this sad news to everyone. We feel so sorry to all those who have prepared for Park Jung Min's event, particularly his local fan club and all the Overseas fans who have bought tickets to this fan meet. We completely understand your disappointment; however, we ask that you continue to support Park Jung Min in all his other activities.

For all ticket buyers of “Intimately Yours. Be Min's Valentines”, full refund will be made accordingly. A separate notice will be issued on Monday for everyone’s guidance. For questions and feedback, you may email us at inquiry@greenlightproductionsinc.com or you may call 0906-5582500 or 5044729.

For this, and for the inconvenience this cancellation will cause, we would like to reiterate our deepest apologies to everyone.

Management Team
Greenlights Events & Productions Phils., Inc.

credits: Greenlights Prods@fb

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